• Model: C1000
  • Machine Denomination: CNC Sealing Glue Machine
  • Working Area: 4' x 8'
  • Seal Width: 9mm - 40 mm
  • Material Supply: Two components

Product Description

C1000 Technical Parameter

Items Parameter
X x Y x Z 1220 x 2440 x 150 (mm)
Weight 1.6 tons
Meter precision ± 0.02%
Work pressure limit and alarm alert 0-4MPA
Capacity of material spray 0.3-5 g/s
Gasket strip width 9-40 mm
Range for mixing ratio 1:1-10:1
(Remark: Calculate it by system)
Running speed 6-30 m/min
Precision for reset of dosing head ± 0.05 mm
Pressure require ≥ 0.6MPA
Pressure require 4-5 KW
Frequency 50HZ ~ 60HZ
Voltage 3 phases 5 lines 380V

C1000 Features

  • C1000 running speed is 6-30 m/min. Efficient, Accuracy, Stable!
  • Spray strip width can be 9-40mm. Meet your demand for different products, multi-usage. A wide scope of applications: electrical cabinets, all kinds of seal explosion-proof cabinet, sealing in electronics industry and automobile industry seal, seal environmental purification equipment, refrigeration equipment seal, seal is three lamps and lanterns, all kinds of doors and windows sealed, etc.
  • Intelligent control system can be processed in 2D plane, 3D irregular surface and all kinds of groove tracks. Flat rectangle without drawing, the size of the input processing can automatic processing, this system is equipped with memory, can save the processed product size, convenient to operate next time.
  • Intelligent temperature control system, the loading mechanism with automatic temperature control device (no need installation of air conditioning).
  • Tracing range X1220mm, Y2440mm, Z150mm, big products process range, with workbench, ensure the convenience for feeding the raw material.
  • Intelligent water cleaning, C1000 coating system science design, precision, using tap water to clean, low cost and keep environmental.